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this is your life, and it's ending one minute at a time.

Adele Cooper


rose tint my world
I am, primarily, a writer. I live in words; they speak so much louder than actions. Secondly, I'm Rohan Fox; loud, self assured, obnoxious, arrogant. Thirdly, I'm Adele. I'm shy but friendly, self deprecating, and hardworking. We all have a unhealthy obsession with skin and bones and internal organs, with cannibalism and twisted love stories. We all appreciate the beauty in ugliness, fashion and being English.

I'm 17. I feel older than my bones. I study English Literature, English Language, Psychology and Media Studies. I mainly use my lj to moan about the way I see the world, or to give in to my narcissistic tendencies and post photos of myself. I'd love you to add me.